Dual Axes
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Precision Angular Measurement Systems & Sensors
Dual Axes

The Cline Labs, Inc. electronic dual axes sensors are high performance yet low cost angle measurement sensors.   They combine proven technology with state-of-the-art electronics and the result is reliable operation and low power consumption.  There are three models.  Part Number 100671-01, 100671-02 and Part Number 100351-01.

PART NUMBER: 100671-01 and 100671-02

The electronics provide the sensor output as a pulse width output.  It is a replacement for the AccuStar II DAS 30/ Pulse Width P/N 02794-01


General Specifications:

bulletVoltage Supply Range    +5.0VDC to +15 VDC__ bulletCurrent    3.0mA (max)_______
bulletRange: ±30°______________________________ bulletTemperature:    -40 to +125C__
bulletLinearity: ________________________________ bulletTc of Null: ±0.02° per C _____
 Null to 10°    +/- 0.3° bulletTc of Scale: ±0.2% per C_____
          10° to 20°    3% of reading bulletNull Repeatability: 0.15°______
    20° to 30°    Monotonic  


Null    50%________________________________________________________

Scale    0.25% / arc-degree (individual sensors may vary 10%) Part Number 100671-01

Scale    0.51% / arc-degree (individual sensors may vary 10%) Part Number 100671-02

The pulse widths t1 and t2 are proportional to the sensor output.  As the senosr is rotated, t1 increases or decreases and t2 decreases and increases.

Pulse width ratio: R = t2 / (t1+ t2)  At null when (t2 = t1) R = 50%

To shut down X Axis tie X to VDC.  To shut down Y axis tie Y to VDC.




PART NUMBER: 100351-01 Not for low volume prodution.  Requires a 100 pcs. minimum order.  

The microprocessor electronics convert the sensor's inherently non-linear output into easy to interpret analog outputs.  The dual axes is compact, rugged and lightweight and is easy to integrate mechanically.  This highly accurate device, with no moving parts, will give designers new freedom both technically and economically.

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General Specifications:

bulletVoltage Supply Range    +8.0VDC to +16 VDC bulletTypical Accuracyy         ±1°  
bulletRange: ±45° bulletTemperature:  
bulletLinearity: 1% of FS (0.9°)             Operating: -15 to +85 C
bulletNull Output: 2.500 Volts DC (±1%)                                Storage: -40 to +125 C  
bulletScale Factor: 0.050 V per ° (±1%)  bulletTc of Null: ±0.018° per C  
bulletResolution: 0.1°  bulletTc of Scale: ±0.06% per C  
bulletNull Repeatabilityy: 0.2°     
bulletCross Axis Errorr: <1% of Angle    

Pin Number Assignments:

bulletJ1-1   8Vdc to 16Vdc bulletJ1-4    Y-Axis Output
bulletJ1-2   Ground bulletJ1-5    Reference
bulletJ1-3   X-Axis Output bulletJ2-1 thru J2-6 are used for factory programming only





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